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65 Waverley Road, Kenilworth, CV8 1JL   01926 852365
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Waverley Day Centre

Waverley Day Centre is operated by the charity Kenilworth Community Care from a building owned by Warwickshire County Council.

All main facilities are on one level and there is a lift to access the upstairs which comprises of a Hairdressing salon, offices and meeting rooms. There are plenty of toilet facilities with wheelchair access.

Service Categories

Clients come from two sources:

  1. Clients can purchase the service directly. This is available to all older people in the area.
  2. Warwickshire Social Services Department. In certain circumstances places can be purchased by Social Services depending on level of need and financial situation .


Private clients pay a day care charge directly to the centre monthly in advance. Lunch club clients pay on the day. The clients who are funded by Social Services are billed directly by Social Services as appropriate. 


  • 1 full time manager and 6 carers
  • 1 cook
  • 1 cleaner
  • 1 part time administrator
  • All staff have a variety of training reflecting their roles


There are a team of volunteers who give their time to support our work in a variety of roles. Please see Volunteer Opportunities.

AGM 2020 Reports

Please click on the link to view our Chair's report


and this link to view the Day Centre Manager's report


How Waverley is managed

Kenilworth Community Care is a Company Limited by Guarantee (company no.5019104) registered as Charity no. 1105054.

The Company's registered office is Waverley Day Centre, 65 Waverley Road, Kenilworth, CV8 1JL

The object of this “not for profit” company is identical to that of the former Kenilworth Community Care Council, from which it took over all operations at the beginning of November 2004, that is to promote the welfare of the elderly, particularly the frail and those suffering from a sense of loneliness and isolation, within the town of Kenilworth and it's vicinity.

In particular it shall:

  1. Foster co-operation and communication between voluntary organisations which have an interest in promoting the social welfare of those in need in the community;
  2. Manage the Waverley Day Centre; and
  3. Initiate any action to further its objects as the company shall think fit.

Individual persons who reside in Kenilworth or its vicinity who support the objects of the Company and have attained the age of 18 may be admitted into Membership of the Company at the discretion of the Management Committee.

Unincorporated associations, companies, societies, statutory agencies, local authorities and any other organisations based in or operating in Kenilworth and its vicinity which support the objects of the Company may also be admitted into membership of the Company.

The Trustees/Directors of the Company form the Management Committee. 


The Waverley Team 

David Lansdowne
Jeremy Eastaugh
Steve Luff 
Jill Blake
Liaison Officer
Vivien Small
Secretary to the Trustees
Anne Cross            
Centre Manager
Catering Manager
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Kenilworth Community Care is a Company Limited by Guarantee (no.5019104), and registered as a Charity (no. 1105054)